Results Corrections
At RaceWire we strive to produce the most accurate results possible. If there is an issue with your result, please follow the below steps and we will resolve it as soon as possible!
Step 1: Login or Create an Account
Our databased results system has automated much of the results corrections process, so we require participants to be logged in while requesting changes to their results.
Step 2: Claim Your Result
Browse to the results for your event, click on the red time of your record and then click the "Claim this result!" link. This will link this result to your profile!
Step 3: Submit Your Correction
Click "My Page" in the top menu, then the Result Correction icon that corresponds to the correct race. Then just submit your correction in the pop-up box.
Step 4: Nothing!
You're done! Corrections that don't impact awards will be automatically processed within an hour. Our staff will review other corrections within 24 hours.